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  • Rigid Bronchoscopy  (Picture 3)
    • Rigid bronchoscopy can not stretch and has a large diameter that does not allow deep movement; therefore, we can not perform segmental examination with rigid bronchoscopy.
    • This procedure is performed under general anesthesia.
    • We use rigid bronchoscopy for the following conditions:
    • Endobronchial mass biopsy
    • In lesions with a high risk of bleeding (such as carcinoids)
    • Massive hemoptysis (too much blood in the mouth)
    • Foreign body removal (such as peanuts, chickpeas, shells, and pins)
    • Stricture os trachea
    • Mechanical dilation to expand the bronchus in stenosis of the trachea
    • For example, we use it in cases like a 2-year-old baby with foreign body aspiration (pistachio).

2 years old Damascus Peanut

Foreign body aspiration